The Story of the Charlotte Girl: Tiffany D. Jackson's Allegedly

Women + Girls Research Alliance presents The Story of the Charlotte Girl Book Club

Tiffany D. Jackson's Allegedly

Mary Addison, a black 15-year-old from Brooklyn, has been locked up in “baby jail” for six years, after killing a three-month-old white child named Alyssa. Or so that’s what they said.  Now living in a group home, Mary, who is bright, quiet, and well behaved, endures continuous bullying from the staff and other girls at the all-female group home. Her one escape is volunteering at a nursing home and having secret rendezvous with Ted, a fellow volunteer also living in a group home. However, when Mary becomes pregnant and faces losing custody of the baby, she comes forward with a startling confession: she didn’t kill Alyssa. But who did? The only person who can tell what really happened is Mary’s mother… the one person Mary distrusts of all.  This event is free but please register HERE.


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November 14, 2017 - 6:30 PM
Heather Brown
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