Grant Recipients


A Self Reported Needs Assessment: Building Capacity from the Ground Up to Enhance the College Experience for First-Generation Students

Project to develop resources that will build faculty capacity to better support the diversity of students’ needs in the classroom by making them more aware of the special needs of first generation students, most of whom come from low socioeconomic status or working class backgrounds.


Assessment of International Students’ Communication and Schoolwork

This project will assess UNC Charlotte’s international students’ communication activities, schoolwork, emotional status, and attitudes toward university, through online survey and focus groups.

Celebrating Rumi: Moulana Jalal ad-Din Rumi’s Poetry, Live Music, and Whirling Dervishes Dance

Art performance program to include: Speech, poetry reading in Farsi and English languages, live music, and the Whirling Dervishes dance.  The poetry reading and dance will be accompanied with live classical music performances using authentic and traditional Persian musical instruments.

Communication, Community Building, and Social Justice Work through Dance

On-campus residency with internationally renowned dance company Urban Bush Women.  Residency activities include open community events, re-staging of UBW repertoire at UNC Charlotte and a variety of dance classes for dance/dance education majors and minors, UNC Charlotte students across disciplines and the broader off-campus community.

Engaging Community Members in Action Research: An Inclusive Evaluation Initiative

Action research initiative intended to evaluate the efficacy of the CHARP, a community-university partnership founded in 2009.  The project will help understand ways in which UNC Charlotte can better engage with the diverse neighborhoods in our surrounding community.

Feminism and Critical Race Theory

Symposia with guest scholars in feminist philosophy and critical race theory.

Gender Communication Speaker Series: Topics in LGBTQ Sexuality and Women's Health

Speaker series will explore contemporary issues regarding gender, sexuality, interpersonal relationships, and media representations of women’s health through two public presentations and discussions lead b communication scholars.

Henrique Oliveira and Fresh Ink: An Evening of Contemporary Brazilian Art and Music

Interdisciplinary event of contemporary Brazilian art and music.  Gallery showing of Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira and a performance of contemporary Brazilian music by Fresh Ink.

Home Country: Telling Stories of the Somali Diaspora

Filmmakers Alyce Ornell, Mohammed Dini, and Andrew Jawitz will present their film, Home Country, about the Somali diaspora in Portland, Main, and talk with the campus and community audience about the ethical, political, and social issues raised in the film.

Jessica Pettit: Be the Change You Want to Be

Jessica Pettitt, renowned speaker and consultant, will provide a keynote address during the Week of Welcome on the topic of social justice and diversity.  Jessica Pettitt will also provide training and policy development assistance to UNC Charlotte Athletics and the Multicultural Resource Center.