Grant Recipients


A Self-Help Program to Treat Overeating and Obesity in Latinas

The purpose of this project is to test the effectiveness of a culturally adapted self-help program to treat overeating and obesity in Latinas in the Charlotte community.

Access to Culturally Competent Health Services: Serving Military Veterans from a Holistic Perspective

Half day conference aimed at increasing competence in regard to military veteran culture and care needs both on campus and in the Charlotte community.

Behavioral Healthcare Diversity Provider Summit

The Behavioral Healthcare Diversity Provider Summit will provide a one day business development conference for minority and women behavioral healthcare providers. The summit will provide an interdisciplinary approach to strategic planning, sustainability, outcomes management and partnerships with UNC Charlotte.

Being a Young Atheist in America

A campus visit by Jessica Ahlquist, a high school student who won a lawsuit in early 2012 to have a sectarian school prayer banner removed from her school’s auditorium.  The visit would include an evening presentation and a dinner meeting with students interested in expanding or joining the Secular Student Alliance.  She will also participate in a class discussion on religious conflict, if her schedule permits.

Beyond the Surface: Digging Deep into Culturally Responding Pedagogy Within the Department of Reading and Elementary

This project will support faculty in examining the amount of culturally relevant pedagogy within their teacher preparation programs with a day-long workshop facilitated by an expert in the field.

Brazilian Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) in Residence at UNC Charlotte

While living on the UNCC campus and attending classes and assisting instructors, the Fulbright FLTA from Brazil will provide a youthful and current perspective on the home country with particular attention given to Brazil’s signature racial and ethnic diversity. Brazil’s history of immigration, intermarriage and race relations offers a divergent understanding of diversity than that of the U.S. During nine months in residence on the UNCC campus (2014-15), the FLTA will offer broad and sustained interaction in classes and in the dormitories with a wide variety of students and faculty. As well as serving as a cultural representative for Brazil, the FLTA stretches language capacity by providing support to the Portuguese language classes and is a resource to the Latin American Studies program. In this way, the Fulbright FLTA delivers an insider’s interpretation of his/her own culture to the UNCC students both formally and informally across campus through guest lectures, presentations, social interactions, etc. The FLTA program helps break down stereotypes, challenges a singular notion of diversity, and educates about and helps establish deeper ties with one of the world’s emerging economic powerhouses.

Collegium for Africana Diaspora Dance at UNC Charlotte

This proposal is to support a keynote presentation and public roundtable at UNC Charlotte given by the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance (CADD) during the Spring 2015 semester.  Events will target dance/dance education majors/minors, faculty and campus/community members interested in research initiatives in cultural studies, embodiment, and the African diaspora, especially those interested in dance.

Comparing Closets: Malawi and North Carolina – Advocacy for “Coming out”

In Malawi (a country in southeastern Africa) being in a gay relationship is punishable by up to 14 years in prison.  Centre for development of People (CEDEP) is a pioneering human rights organization in Malawi that recently successfully negotiated with the government to suspend arrests for being caught “out the closet.”  In North Carolina (a state in the USA), recent legislation passed that reversed efforts toward securing rights for same sex relationships.  This project will hold multiple events to compare and contrast the two regions’ lobbying strategies, legislative efforts, judicial decisions, the public will for change, and the state of openness of lifestyle permissible for sexual minorities to live - and love - out of the closet.

Creating a Multidisciplinary Scholarship Community among UNC Charlotte Doctoral Students, Candidates, and Postdoctoral Fellows, Mentors and Community Partners

This project will foster and encourage a multidisciplinary scholarship community among doctoral students, candidates, and postdoctoral fellows across the UNC Charlotte physical and virtual campuses and enhance the mentoring available to underrepresented groups by creating interdisciplinary support. In addition, this project aims to build an environment of greater engagement between and among those involved in UNC Charlotte doctoral programs (e.g., students, advisors, directors) and community and business leaders across disciplines.

Culture, the Environment and Health: Building an Understanding of Place Through Film

A one-credit course offered spring semester 2015 examining the intersection of culture, the environment and health as shown through film.   Film viewing also will be available to those interested in participating on a non-credit or non-regular basis.