Grant Recipients


A Love Song, A Death Rattle, A Battle Cry

This event will be a collaboration between two departments to bring a nationally awarded spoken word artist to UNC Charlotte who will address the social construction of gender, particularly masculinity, in our culture. He will use poetry and hip-hop to showcase the racism and sexism that affects today’s youth.

Anita Sarkeesian Lecture Women and Games Festival

Anita Sarkeesian, nationally-regarded feminist media critic, will present a lecture on her experiences confronting misogyny and discrimination in online culture and gaming spaces. This lecture will be the keynote for a festival encouraging women to explore game design and programming. Ms. Sarkeesian is the founder of Feminist Frequency, a non-profit organization that creates video dialogues exploring representations of women in popular culture, and is the creator of the video series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.

Building a Cross-Community Coaliton to Maintaint Affordable Housing and Fight Displacement

This project will interview residents in low-income neighborhoods vulnerable to gentrification. This type of neighborhood change may force existing residents out of their neighborhood due to rising housing costs. These interviews will assess the residents’ experiences with gentrification and their interest in mobilizing their community into a cross-community coalition to address the changes they face.

Building Community, Communication, and Social Justice through Dance

This proposal is for a four-day on-campus residency with Christal Brown's Inspirit Dance Company.  Residency activities include a performance of Brown's The Opulence of Integrity, an evening-length dance work based on the life of Muhammad Ali, open community events, and a variety of dance classes for dance/dance education majors and minors, UNCC students across disciplines, and the broader off-campus community.

Diverse Perspectives and North Carolian History: Scenes and Stories Explored in Teacher Education

This integrated social studies and language art project is designed to provide cross curricular support in the development of multi-cultural content and pedagogical knowledge among undergraduate pre-service teachers in their junior year of the Elementary Education (ELED) program at UNC Charlotte.

Diversified Greek Council Spring Picnic: The History of Strolling, Stepping & Saluting on Our College Campus

The purpose of this event is to showcase our organizations within the Greek council.  We will be educating our campus on what stepping, strolling, and saluting are in terms of Greek Life. 

Feminism and Critical Race Theory Series: Privilege and Violence Online

For the fifth installment of its annual Feminism and Critical Race Theory series, the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics proposes a speaker series exploring the endemic and often violent harassment of women and people of color who attempt to participate online in fora such as blogs, gaming and social media. This pervasive problem places a serious burden on members of these groups who try to participate equally in the benefits of life online.

Generation D!

“Generation D!” is an artistic performance project. Students will express their own stance on the importance and challenges of diversity in our contemporary society by creating a performance incorporating the artistic elements of dance, song, spoken word and dramatic theatre.

Girls Data Portal Partnership Project

With funding from the Chancellor’s Diversity Challenge Fund and working with the Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council, we will build a coalition of girl-serving organizations in Charlotte, bring them together to discuss their needs for data about Charlotte girls’ experiences, and develop a plan to meet their needs. Once our coalition has reached consensus on what data is needed by girl-serving organizations in Charlotte, we will work with Charlotte-area funders, such as the Foundation for the Carolinas, to secure the support needed to develop a Girls Data Portal, similar to our Women’s Data Portal, and a series of educational workshops that will show Charlotte’s girl-serving organizations how to use the Portal to craft their needs statements and develop tools for evaluation and assessment.

Human Differences across Time and Space Seminar Series

Anthropology department hosts a year-long seminar series, featuring external and internal speakers, examining human differences both across time and over space.  The speaking events will be open to the University community and to the public.