Grant Recipients











Collaboration at

Work: Creative

Practices for

Leadership and


This proposal is for a series of workshops and performances that focus on creative, collaborative team building.  Throughout the week, dance becomes a center point for experiences and discussions about how and why diverse people work together in collaborative groups.  The project includes a week--‐long residency with AGA Collaborative, a trio of artist--‐ scholars, several emerging dance--‐artist alumnae of the Department of Dance, and a facilitator/speaker engaged with issues of diversity and collaboration.



Languages and Culture Studies

Department of Languages and Culture Studies 2017 International Film Festival

We are applying for funds to organize an International Film Festival in 2017. The funds will be used to invite film directors and speakers and to pay for some of the film rights.

Byker, Miller, Good, Kissel & Rock


Reading and Elementary Education

Connecting Teachers to Multicultural Texts

In 2015, we used a Chancellor’s Diversity Challenge Fund grant to successfully implement an integrated social studies and language art project with teacher candidates, which focused on the investigation and creation of multicultural texts. Our current proposal seeks continuation funding to expand the reach of the project with our UNC Charlotte elementary education teacher candidates and with teachers from CMS who mentor our teacher candidates.  The funding would serve the dual purpose of community engagement through the provision of cross-cultural support for the development of multicultural and diverse texts.

Clinton & Adams


Geography and Earth Sciences

Role Models for PROGRESS

Six female Geoscientists will be invited as seminar speakers for the Geography and Earth Sciences Department seminar series. The speakers will not only interact with graduate students and faculty on their visit, but will also have dinner with first and second year female undergraduate students in STEM disciplines that are part of the NSF funded PROGRESS program. This interaction with the PROGRESS participants will provide students at a critical juncture of their education with role models beyond those on campus.



Writing Project

Challenging Media Messages

Our project will bring UNC Charlotte faculty, English language arts teachers in urban settings, and UNC Charlotte’s pre-service teachers together as critics of media in order to challenge the ways in which urban teachers and their students are positioned by media.  This project will introduce the idea of critical media literacy that can be used by teachers and students for civic engagement, so that urban teachers and students can have voice and make a difference in their communities.

Deeter & Spano



Kodály Music Instruction in Urban Classrooms

The purpose of this proposal is to present workshops for urban music educators and preservice music educators in order to increase expertise in teaching choral music to diverse student populations in urban settings, elementary through high school. The grant will fund a nationally recognized clinician who will present on-site teaching in selected urban classrooms as well as present workshops for teachers at the UNC Charlotte Center City Building.

Eckard & Leak


American Studies


Race, Sports, and Growing Up Southern A Speaking Engagement with

Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick, H.D. “De” Kirkpatrick, and Gary Schwab


This proposal requests funding for a panel presentation for the 2017 Levine Annual Lecture (with the Center for the Study of the New South) featuring educator and former football standout Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick and psychologist H.D. “De” Kirkpatrick, whose shared story of race was chronicled in six award-winning articles by Gary Schwab in the Charlotte Observer. Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick will also speak with student athletes in a separate, life-learning event to be held on campus.





Joining Forces for Veterans Health and Reintegration

This one-day conference aims to increase veteran cultural awareness, both on-campus and in the Charlotte community, building on a time-honored UNC Charlotte commitment to veterans.  The conference will bring together national experts in veteran culture, research, education, health, and social service practice, and feature advances designed to meet the needs of veterans.  Conference attendees will gain an understanding of the unique perspectives of military affiliated students (military, veterans, and their families) identify resources necessary to support their success at UNC Charlotte and reintegration into civilian life, and foster inclusion and diversity.



Women’s and Gender Studies

Tony Porter Speaking Engagement

This proposal requests $5,000 to bring Tony Porter, educator, author, activist and Co-Founder of A Call To Men: The Next Generation of Manhood as the 2017 Women’s and Gender Studies Guest Speaker, in partnership with The Center for Wellness. A Call To Men is a leading national violence prevention organization providing training and education for men, boys and communities.


Multicultural Resource Center

Social Justice Experiential Learning Trips

The Multicultural Resource Center will take students on social justice focused, experiential trips to immerse students into cultural, spiritual, and ethnic experiences to increase their awareness and knowledge of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice by providing a participative, hands-on experience.

Gil-Rivas, Kulkarni, Brown, & Stokes


Health Psychology, Social Work, Women + Girls Research Alliance, Communication Studies

Teen Media Literacy Conference: Engaging and Empowering Ethnic/racial Minority Youth to Become Community Advocates.


This conference will provide teens from ethnic/racial minority backgrounds with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to become media literacy advocates in their schools and community. Youth will receive training on campus via workshops, group discussions, and interactions with UNCC faculty and graduate students and community experts. Undergraduate and graduate students will learn skills for community engagement and partnership building and develop skills to deliver culturally relevant programming.




Symphony of Society

The Symphony of Society Program builds on the reputation of the Orchestra area at UNC Charlotte as a leader in musical social development both on and beyond campus. Through the program, UNC Charlotte’s highest level orchestral ensemble will undertake an international service-learning residency in cooperation with a major host partner, with the express purposes of actively engaging with groups of differing ages, economic status and ethnic backgrounds. Key findings on fostering diversity and inclusion will be formalized and shared through on-campus presentations, performances and video documentation. For all participants and audiences, local or international, the program reaffirms diversity as a practice, reinforced through service.

Gutierrez & Wierzalis



Latino Mental Health Symposium: Problems and Solutions

Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority in the United States – they presently number 54 million and by 2060 they will comprise 31% of the population - and suffer disproportionately high mental health disparities. The goal of the proposed project is to fund three qualified Latino professional speakers (one local expert and two national experts) to help raise awareness of the mental health needs of Latinos in Charlotte, and to further equip students, counselors, clinical supervisors, and community helping professionals in how to advocate and provide mental health support for Latinos.




Exhibit Tours and Dialogue Sessions for Students and Intact Staff/ Faculty Groups at Nuevolution!

Funds will support student organizations, academic classes, and intact staff/faculty groups participation in exhibit tours and facilitated dialogues of the Nuevolution: Latinos in the New South exhibit at the Levine Museum of the New South.




Center for Professional & Applied Ethics

Feminism and Critical Race Theory Series: On Being Muslim in America

For the sixth installment of its annual Feminism and Critical Race Theory series, the Center for Professional Applied Ethics proposes a speaker series exploring the fraught complex social and political environment navigated by Muslims in the United States today.

Hoenes del Pinal


Religious Studies

Horror and The Holy: A Film Series

A series of films focused on the intersection of religion and horror. The series would feature six films, each shown in the evenings in the Student Union Movie Theater followed by an interactive discussion led by a faculty member specializing in religion.




Navigating the Academic Pipeline: Preparing the Tenure Binder and Strategic Planning for Junior and Senior Faculty

Dr. Felicia Moore Mensah will conduct two workshops at UNCC.  The first will help prepare junior faculty for tenure and the second is for all faculty seeking strategies for increasing productivity.  These workshops are open to all faculty



Social Work

The Shared Responsibilities Summit: Motivating, Empowering, and Nurturing African American Males

The inaugural Shared Responsibilities Summit is a community partnership with the UNC Charlotte School of Social Work and the Beta Rho Sigma alumni chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., designed to address barriers to engaging African American adolescents and college-age men in education and health promotion in an effort to decrease the myths and misconceptions about society’s perceptions of Black masculinity.

Lennon & Rhodes


Counseling Center

Kristin Russo & Dannielle Owens-Reid Present “Everyone is Gay: Social Media as Social Activism”


The Counseling Center is applying for a grant from the Chancellor’s Diversity Challenge Fund to bring Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid, the creators of the multi-platform, “Everyone is Gay”, a well-known social media platform focused on LGBTQ issues in youth culture, to UNC Charlotte in the Fall of 2016. The duo will meet with student leaders in an intimate roundtable setting and present a program that will illustrate the particular sharp and humorous wit with which they examine cultural issues related to gender and sexual identity.



Multicultural Academic Affairs &

Athletics Minority Opportunities and Issues Committee

Inspiring Positive Race Relations among Minority Student Athletes and other Students of Diverse Race/Ethnicity

The Athletics Minority Opportunity and Issues Committee (AMOIC) will invite Dr. Eric Thomas to offer race relations workshops for student-athletes as an important component of the committee’s race relations program. The workshop will also be made available to the larger university community in promotion of a campus-wide atmosphere that values diversity among all students such that minority athlete and non-athlete students feel respected and appreciated, and have equal access to all campus offerings.

Merlin & Anderson



Diversity Dinner Dialogues

This proposal is for a partnership between Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and UNC Charlotte’s College of Education to increase educators’ multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills through a dinner dialogue. In this partnership, educators from both institutions will read the same diversity-related book, then meet over dinner to discuss their experiences and reactions to the book.

Merriweather Leak & Pereira




Black Poetry Today

We are proposing to facilitate a one-day poetry workshop at UNC Charlotte Center City as part of an Office of Academic Affairs initiative to strengthen UNC Charlotte’s position as a contributor to the cultural and civic engagement in Charlotte. This workshop will use poetry as a vehicle to promote dialogue on race and racism.




and Earth


Charlotte Action




for Liberation

Popular Education

Training for


This project works to develop locally relevant popular education

curriculum and training for CHARP team members. Through this

training CHARP researchers will become better equipped to apply

popular education methods to facilitate future workshops in partnership with neighborhood residents to begin to critically analyze how institutional racism produces inequality.

Paquette & Pitts



Feminist Decolonial Politics: A Decolonial Thought Workshop

Decolonial Feminist Politics: A Decolonial Thought Workshop offers both theoretical and practical venues for engagement with diverse forms of knowledge production within academic philosophy. The workshop is intended to serve the interests of graduate students and junior scholars from underrepresented groups in philosophy, and seeks to create a space for the rigorous study of philosophical theorists who have been marginalized within the discipline of philosophy.



Political Science and Public Administration

Gender and Politics: Advancing Inclusion in Academia, Research, and Practice

The proposed research project will support an applied research mentoring program to create research networks among female faculty and students to help address and overcome the “leaky pipeline” problem that occurs among women in research oriented careers.



International Programs

Crossing Boarders Education: Maximizing Inclusivity through Structured Initiatives

UNC Charlotte faculty and staff, along with colleagues from institutions in the broader Charlotte community, will be invited to attend a workshop on “Maximizing Inclusivity through Structured Initiatives” facilitated by the founder of Crossing Borders Education, director Arnd Wächter. The daylong workshop will conclude with a director’s screening of American Textures, a feature documentary that explores cross-cultural communication between U.S students from a variety of backgrounds. The screening will be open to all interested UNC Charlotte students, faculty, staff, and members of the broader Charlotte community.




Promoting Diversity in a Predominantly Female Profession: Supporting Male Students in the Pre-Licensure Baccalaureate Nursing Program

This project seeks to explore the lived experiences of males previously enrolled in the pre-licensure baccalaureate nursing program to gain an understanding of their perceptions of learning in a predominantly female profession. Findings will be used to shape educational practices; including student support, to best meet the needs of this minority group.


McCullough, &




Prospect for



Transatlantic Program for

Diversity, Inclusion,

and Internationalization:

Kingston  Visiting


We propose to bring noted Kingston University diversity expert Nona McDuff to UNC Charlotte for a four--‐week residency as a visiting scholar to deliver a multi--‐faceted faculty development program on the inclusive curriculum, hidden biases in the classroom and also hidden biases in career progression in academia. Overall, the proposal is in alignment with the Prospect for Success goals of cultural awareness. We would also use this time to engage in a transatlantic research project on the impact of the program on faculty and student outcomes.

Rogelberg & Ruggs


Organizational Science, Psychology

Organizational Science Summer Institute

The Organizational Science Summer Institute is a one-week intensive program designed to provide graduate school preparation to undergraduate students from traditionally underrepresented groups. Ten undergraduate students from around the country will be selected to take part in the institute, which includes both professional development training and experience conducting research related to organizational science.



Student Activities

Dismantling Racism Workshop

Provide funding to host 25 Student Affairs Staff members’ attendance at the Race Matters for Juvenile Justice Dismantling Racism program. The training is designed to build the capacity of educators, health practitioners, child welfare advocates, judicial representatives, other professionals who are interested in understanding and eliminating racial inequities, disparities and disproportionality within our society, according to the Race Matters in Juvenile Justice website.

Spano & Klein


Counseling Center

LGBTQ on Campus for Faculty and Staff

The Counseling Center is applying for a grant from the Chancellor’s Diversity Challenge Fund to support a one-year license for LGBTQ on Campus - an online, interactive program that would help faculty and staff provide culturally-sensitive support to gender and sexual minority students. This program will supplement the general At-Risk gatekeeper training program that has been available to faculty and staff for the past several years. The LGBTQ module more specifically prepares faculty to be sensitive to the needs of the LGBTQ community and to recognize that, compared to cisgender and heterosexual peers, this population is at higher risk for discrimination and associated psychological distress, including suicidal ideation. This program will be an important part of the Counseling Center’s comprehensive suicide prevention program.



Communication Studies

Center for the Study of the New South

Growing Up Southern: A Year Long Exploration of Diversity in the New South

This proposal requests $5,000.00 to help host a year-long programming series that explores what it means to “Grow Up Southern” from a multi-cultural perspective, including Latino/a, Muslim, African-American, and other populations in the New South. From dynamic speakers to films to workshops, the Center for the New South will engage the greater Charlotte community about the diversity of Southern experience.




Graduate Recruitment of Underrepresented Philosophers (GROUP)


GROUP is a two-day workshop to be held at UNC Charlotte in fall 2016 for up to 10 promising prospective graduate students in philosophy from traditionally underrepresented groups (such as African Americans, Chicano/as and Latino/as, Native Americans, Asian Americans, women, LGBTQ students, and students with differing physical abilities of all races). GROUP is designed to increase the diversity of the academic pipeline in the discipline, particularly at UNC Charlotte, by recruiting a diverse group of undergraduates from North Carolina and nearby South Carolina universities to the philosophy department’s MA program.