Grant Recipients


"A Campus of Difference, Office of Student Activities"
"A diversity training program facilitated by the Anti-Defamation League will be offered for student organization leaders. Amount awarded: $4,142"
"A Celebration of Diversity through Greater Understanding of Faith-Cultures, Inter-Religious Council"
"Presentation by guest lecturer Bruce Feiler will promote greater understanding among the major faith cultures. Amount awarded: $5,000"
"A Tale of Two Queen Cities, Jose Gamez, Architecture, and Heather Freeman, Art"
"Through creative visual practices, this research project will allow students to explore the impacts of Latino immigration on the cultural landscapes of Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles, CA. Amount awarded: $4,720"
"College of Education Poverty Simulation Project, Lyndon Abrams, Counseling, and Lan Quach, Middle, Secondary and K-12 Education"
"Counselor education doctoral students will be trained in the development and delivery of poverty simulation exercises for faculty, staff and students and the larger Charlotte community. Amount awarded: $1,500"
"Diversity Communication Lecture Series, Shawn Long, Communications Studies"
"Nationally recognized experts in the area of minority graduate student education will discuss how to effectively recruit, retain, and mentor minority graduate students. Amount awarded: $5,900"
"Diversity in Contemporary Thought, Eddy Souffrant and William Gay, Philosophy and Center for Applied Ethics"
"Guest speaker Anita Allen will be part of a lecture series to explore the construction of a diverse and multi-cultural civil society. Amount awarded: $4,175"
"Drum, Sing and Stomp Like an Arab: Music and Dance from the Arab World, Rick Dior and Anne Harley, Music"
"Workshop and performance will feature a visiting artist specializing in traditional Arabic music and dance traditions of Persia. Amount awarded: $1,976"
"Each of Us: A Culture Unto Ourselves, Terre Lucas, BEST Program"
"Challenge Day program is used to promote and sustain activities related to diversity and tolerance. Amount awarded: $5,000"
"Kate Bornstein: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us, Coral Wayland, Women's Studies, and Terri Rhodes, Counseling Center"
"Guest speaker will conduct workshops and present a public lecture about gender and sexuality. Amount awarded: $5,000"
"Opera for All, Anne Harley, Music"
"The department will pilot an outreach program to bring opera performances to CMS high schools and offer a free matinee performance for an economically disadvantaged and culturally underserved demographic. Amount awarded: $5,000"