Grant Recipients


“Black Aesthetics in Contemporary Art and Culture,” Michael Kelly, Robin James, and Jae Emerling, Philosophy

A series of four lectures on Black aesthetics in contemporary culture and the arts.  Amount awarded: $5,000.

“Broadening the Pipeline through Community Service,” Marguerite Doman, Doctoral Student in Computer Science

Team of undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Computing and Informatics will build a hands-on robotics demonstration geared towards getting middle and high school students interested in computing as a college major.  Amount awarded: $4,800.

“Building the Pipeline for Diversifying the Faculty at UNC Charlotte,” Kim Buch, Psychology, Shawn Long, Communication Studies, and Susan Sell, Graduate School

This project will develop relationships with minority doctoral candidates/recipients who are members of the Compact for Faculty Diversity and who are potential candidates for faculty positions at UNC Charlotte.  Amount awarded: $5,000.

“College of Education Diversity Training and Retreat,” Stephen Hancock, Education

The College of Education will embark on a multi-year effort to advance the faculty’s knowledge, awareness, and sensitivity to urban teaching and learning.  The Diversity Retreat is designed to provide knowledge, experiences, and education about how to prepare and effectively instruct pre-service teachers for urban education.  Amount awarded: $4,300.

“Cross Racial Faculty Mentoring,” Jim Lyons and Claudia Flowers, Educational Leadership, College of Education

Two scholars in the area of cross racial faculty mentoring will come to UNC Charlotte for two days of presentation and discussion.  Amount awarded: $4,000.

“Diversity Across the Curriculum,” Anthony Fernandes, Mathematics and Statistics, and Eddy Souffrant, Philosophy

Guest presenter will discuss how the inclusion of diversity in the understanding and instruction of mathematics contributes to student success and demonstrate alternative methods to encourage student interest in science classes.  Amount awarded: $3,800.

“Diversity in Contemporary Thought,” Eddy Souffrant and Bill Gay, Philosophy

Public lecture by a leading African American philosopher will examine difficulties inherent in the construction of a diverse and multicultural society.  Amount awarded: $4,700.

“Due East: The Music of the Afro-Brazilian Tradition of Capoeira Angola,” John Allemeier, Music

Due East will demonstrate the intersection of Brazilian and African cultures by presenting a lecture, master class and performance on the music of the Capoeira tradition.  Amount awarded: $4,000.

“Forty Years of Black Studies/Four Years of Africana Studies at UNC Charlotte,” Tom Rogers, Africana Studies

A year-long series of events representing a commemoration and a commencement for the Africana Studies Department.  Amount awarded: $6,000.

“Gay Civil Rights and Its Impact on the Individual, Business, and Community,” Terri Rhodes, Counseling Center

Elizabeth Birch, noted activist, advocate, and speaker on LGBT issues, will present a lecture on gay issues, gay rights, and the state of our culture with regard to homophobia/heterosexism and progress toward becoming a more affirming society.  Amount awarded: $5,000.