Grant Recipients


Uncovering the mathematics in the community: Learning from Dr. Paulus Gerdes

This proposal seeks to engage faculty and students understand the deep connections between mathematics and culture by interacting with the work of the eminent ethnomathematician, Dr. Paulus Gerdes. Currently at the Eduardo Mondlane university in Mozambique, Professor Gerdes has studied the mathematics structure inherent in so called ‘primitive’ African cultures for over 30 years. Examples include basket weaving, drawings in the sand, and the arrangements of houses in villages. Dr. Gerdes demonstrates how sophisticated mathematics is at the heart of these constructions. These ideas can benefit the UNCC community as they make connections to students’ culture in mathematics teaching and teaching in general.


Beyond the Basics: Cultural Diversity and Reality at UNCC

In a one-day visit to the UNCC campus, Dr. Derek Greenfield, Directory of Cultural Diversity and Equity Engagement at Alcorn University, will use his expertise to address cultural diversity.  Dr. Greenfield will facilitate an innovative teaching strategy workshop with faculty, he will serve as a consultant with the CLAS departmental diversity liaisons, he will host a seminar with senior and graduate students, and he will do a student engagement talk on the realities of cultural diversity on campus, in the community, and the “real world”.

Bishop Gene Robinson: The Truth Will Set You Free

The Department of Religious Studies is applying for a grant to bring the Right Reverend Gene Robinson, the first openly gay person to be elected as a bishop in the Episcopal Church, to UNC Charlotte in Fall 2013.  He will meet with student leaders and give a program on the intersection of religion, sexuality, and politics.

Boots to Books: Understanding Military Culture and Supporting a Successful Transition

Full Day Conference aimed at increasing cultural sensitivity, both on campus and within the Charlotte community, with respect to student veterans.  Conference attendees will gain an understanding of the unique perspective of student veterans, identify resources necessary to support their success at UNC Charlotte, their transition to civilian life, as well as, expand upon their knowledge about military culture.  Collaborating partners for the Conference are the UNC Charlotte Office of Veterans Student Services, Mecklenburg County Community Support Services, and Charlotte Bridge Home.

Cultural Diversity in an Age of Intellectual Property

The Center for Professional Applied Ethics proposes a speaker series addressing the ways that intellectual property law functions as cultural diversity policy.  Our primary goal is to challenge the dominant view that intellectual property is only about “incentives to create,” by highlighting the myriad ways changes in copyright, trademark, and patent law have not only differential effects on different cultural groups, but also serve to dictate some of the terms through which those groups can define and express themselves.


A multi-media video project to highlight the diversity and contributions of online UNC Charlotte students to the University and to North Carolina communities.

Faculty Development Workshop with Kerry Rockquemore of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

This proposal is for a one-day faculty development workshop with the President of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.  The workshop will target junior and senior faculty members at UNC Charlotte and support the University’s faculty diversity, recruitment, and retention measures.

Feminism & Critical Theory Series: Being Trans* in a “Normal” World

We propose to hold three multifaceted events for scholars, students, and community members dedicated to diversifying the range of people in the academy, the workplace, and the public forum.  In particular, we intend to focus on queer theory, and to address trans* (inclusive of all transgender and transsexual identities) issues more specifically.  Our paramount goal is to help thinkers and activists challenge the notion of “normalcy.” 

Group Composition and Team Based Learning

This proposal solicits funding for a research project that seeks to understand how gender and race/ethnicity influence peer evaluations in a team based learning environment.

Highlander Workshop

This proposal is to fund a trip for community members and UNCC faculty and students to Highlander Education and Research Center in New Market, TN.  The intent of the workshop is to explicitly discuss the power dynamics of a community-university partnership.