Date Published: 
Friday, August 11, 2017

Undergraduate students from around the nation who may have thought graduate school was out of their reach found out in a one-week summer institute at UNC Charlotte that it is within their grasp.

“We have incredible data showing that many of the fellows in our institute seek graduate education. It’s a huge percentage and is so gratifying,” said Steven Rogelberg, co-founder of UNC Charlotte’s Organizational Science Summer Institute.

The institute seeks to diversify the field of organizational science through professional development, specifically targeting historically underrepresented undergraduate students. This summer’s 10 students are among the close to 100 scholars who have completed the inclusion-based, research-driven initiative since it began in 2009. Each year, roughly 50 scholars apply.

“We want to make a genuine difference by helping to build a pipeline of excellent, traditionally underrepresented students into the organizational sciences,” Rogelberg said. “We want to be part of a broader solution around providing exposure and opportunity to a greater range of people. Our hope is that efforts like these enable the organizational sciences to reflect the diversity of our society.”