All Gender Restrooms

UNC Charlotte is committed to building accessible All Gender Restrooms across campus to make selecting a restroom easier for all our students, faculty, and staff.  

What does it mean when I see an “All Gender Restroom” sign?

If you see an “All Gender Restroom” sign, it means the restroom is a single-stall restroom that is for use by anyone on campus, across gender identity, and can be locked to prevent anyone else from entering.  You may see either of the signs below to denote a restroom is a single-stall restroom available for use by anyone on campus.
Single Stall Sign                            Single Stall Sign 
Some of these restrooms also have a changing station for individuals caring for infants and children. The presence of a changing station is denoted by an additional sign.
Single Stall Sign

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Map of UNC Charlotte All Gender Restrooms