CUC Working Group


Council on University Community Working Group

The Campus Plan for Diversity, Access, and Inclusion (Plan) outlines an ambitious plan of work for the University.  The Council on University Community has the responsibility for ensuring the implementation of the Plan; but many of the action steps rely heavily on the efforts of those in the Division of Academic Affairs.  Each unit of the division has recognized the importance of diversity and inclusion in its own strategic plan, resulting in an expansion of efforts in the colleges and other units.   These efforts and their impact are not widely known or shared.  To increase the visibility, coordination, and impact of the work, the Provost has formed a Council on University Community Working Group (CCWG). 


The membership of the Council will consist of one faculty member from each of the colleges and the library appointed by the dean.  Each college dean and associate provost will also appoint a staff member.  The terms of appointment will be for two years and may be renewed once.  For the initial formation of the Council, terms will be staggered and appointments made for one, two or three years. The director of the Faculty Affairs and Diversity Office (FADO) will be an ex officio member, representing the Provost’s Office.  The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs will appoint two additional ex officio members and two students. Organized faculty and staff caucuses representing African American, Hispanic, and LGBTQ members of the university community will also be asked to each elect a representative.  The Council will be chaired by a Faculty Fellow and supported by the staff of the Faculty Affairs and Diversity Office. Because the CCWG will be a large group, it may be advisable to develop a subcommittee structure to address policy review, assessment of progress, communication, or other facets of the work, as needed.


To address the charge, the CCWG will,

  • Work collaboratively to address the elements of the charge;
  • Stay current on national issues affecting diversity and inclusion in higher education;
  • On a quarterly basis, report to the Provost on progress on the action items assigned to Academic Affairs by the Plan and recommend changes to improve effectiveness of the Plan;
  • Keep the leadership of the colleges and units apprised of the work of the CCWG;
  • Review the content of the Diversity website at least annually and make recommendations to keep it current; and
  • Compile an annual report on the progress of the division in meeting the goals of the Plan to be shared broadly within the university and to provide recommendations to the Provost, CUC, and Chancellor.